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15 Celebrity Yearbook Photos Show How We All Start Somewhere.

by Haider Rehman on September 3, 2014 in Entertainment and Celebrity Gossip
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15 Celebrity Yearbook Photos Show How We All Start Somewhere.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the dazzle of our favorite celebrities, but believe it or not there as a time when they were all just as dorky as the rest of us! Before starring in their own movies and TV shows, they also had to spend their times in the sometimes scary halls of high school.

Whether they spent their days as cheerleaders or goth punks, these old yearbook photos show how much time can change things. Take a look!



1.) Amy Poehler

Former cheerleader Poehler lists her most cringe-worthy high school moments as, “shoulder pads, parachute pants, acid-wash jean jackets, big hair.”

2.) Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York, the school that inspired Fame.

3.) Aaron Paul

The Boise, Idaho native was an avid snow boarder and graduated a year early.

4.) Bryan Cranston

The Breaking Bad actor probably looked back on the chemistry club days in high school while preparing for his role on the AMC show. He also took an elective performing arts class which inspired him to take up acting.

5.) Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winning actress was also awarded “Most Talkative” at her middle school before switching to home schooling while pursuing her career in L.A.

6.) Anna Kendrick

Kendrick had already received a Tony nomination by the time she entered high school, but her drama teacher reports that she never had a big head about it.

7.) Mila Kunis

The actress was cast on That 70s Show at 14 and would be asked to sign magazines featuring the cast while attending high school in L.A.

8.) Ben Affleck

As a youngster in Boston, Affleck has said he spent his time with buddy Matt Damon “underage drinking, pot smoking, and all the attendant shenanigans.”

9.) Paul Rudd

As a young movie buff, Rudd would constantly quote movies like Caddyshack andAnimal House and spent time hanging out with family friend Jon Hamm.

10.) Channing Tatum

Growing up in rural Alabama, Tatum spent his time playing football, baseball and running track and was a frequent visitor to the principal’s office.

11.) Sandra Bullock

The Texas native Oscar winner spent her high school years as a cheerleader as well as acting out skits she wrote for the talent show in between the other acts.

12.) Molly McCarthy

The funny lady went from prepster to punk after switching from tennis player and student council member and transformed herself with blue, black and shaved hair.

13.) George Clooney

Clooney was known as both a class clown and jock, even trying out of the Cincinnati Reds when he was just 16.

14.) Tom Cruise

The action star attended a Catholic seminary his freshman year of high school and was described as a “loner” by classmates.

15.) Will Smith

As a troublemaker at his Catholic high school, Smith earned his “Prince” nickname by being able to talk himself out of punishment.


(via Business Insider.)

Maybe you should check your yearbooks to see if there’s any famous faces hiding out! 


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