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15 IKEA Hacks to DIY Your Apartment Into Adulthood

by Zainab on September 9, 2014 in Tutorials
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15 IKEA Hacks to DIY Your Apartment Into Adulthood

Stepping into adulthood means no more twin beds, meal plans or taking your laundry home to Mom and Dad’s house.


It also means you’re probably moving in to your first grown-up apartment. Although you may not be under your parents’ roof anymore, that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped being frugal. It’s time for your IKEA stuff from college to face adulthood — just like you.


Before planning another trip to the giant, blue super-store, take a look at the things you already have. Your plain dressers, desks and shelves are begging for a grown-up, DIY upgrade. Nothing says “clean slate” like Scandinavian design.


1. Turn a small shelf into a bar cart.


Now that you’ve upgraded to a bigger place, upgrade your tiny, dorm-sized bookshelf into a bar cart that’s perfect for entertaining.

2. Spruce up your plain desk with gold paint.


Moving out of Mom and Dad’s place only makes you more frugal. Give your old desk a bit of adult glam to make it feel like new.


3. Brighten your Expedit shelf with some neon paint.



Add some color to your new space with a bit of bright, neon accents.


4. Polish up your couch with tufts and buttons.


Your saggy couch cushions are making your place look a little shabby. Tighten them up with some sleek tufts.


5. Small shelves can easily become an affordable desk.


You can create the perfect, adult home office on your new, shoe string budget with your old, small IKEA bookshelves.


6. Sew your old footstool into a patterned pouf for your living room.


A little sewing and raw fabric of your choice turns an old footstool into the perfect piece for extra seating or a place for your tired, worn out feet at the end of the day.


7. Add fabric to a plain dresser for a lush look.


Some ostrich print, or leather, add a grown up, lush look to your cheap IKEA dresser. No one will ever know you’ve had it since college.


8. Turn raw IKEA fabric into a chic mousepad.


IKEA is a wealth of stylish fabrics for mere pennies per yard. Grab some raw supplies for the perfect, easy weekend project, or turn old curtains into a fashionable, new office accessory.


9. Add a delightful tea chest to your kitchen.


Tea, coffee or spice lovers should always have the proper storage for all their supplies. An adorable, coordinated chest is just the thing you need for your new kitchen.


10. Paint a decorative pattern on a plain shelving unit.


Vertical storage is important in a city apartment, but the raw, wood look is pretty boring. Add a point of interest in the room with a simple, geometric pattern on your media shelf.


11. Make an easy pendant lamp out of old dishware.


You can make an easy, stylish light fixture with a simple kit and plate from IKEA.


12. Add vintage charm to your RAST dresser.


Your plain, Rast dresser from IKEA easily converts to a vintage-style campaign dresser with some paint and brass brackets.

13. Add slides and doors to your large shelf.



Hide your clutter — or keep your pets from rummaging through your good china — by adding slides and doors to your large shelf.


14. Lose your old bookcase by gaining a classy sideboard


Upend your tall bookcase to create a cool 1960’s era sideboard — perfect for all your old vinyls.


15. Turn your old college hamper into a side table.


Time to get rid of that old laundry hamper, but you don’t need to toss it out. Simply convert it into a modern side table.


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