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5 Creepy Hotel Happenings From History That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

by Zainab on September 4, 2014 in Lifestyle, Health and News Articles
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5 Creepy Hotel Happenings From History That'll Make Your Skin Crawl

If you think about it, staying in a hotel is kind of a strange thing. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you start thinking about all of the people who stayed in the same room as you, it gets creepy. Think about all of the people that have touched your bed, slept in it and “slept” on top of it. YUCK.


Hopefully though, these five creepy stories will make you forget about all of the gross hotel stuff. Instead, you’ll be worried about the macabre history of every hotel room.


1.) Elisa Lam.


In 2013, Elisa Lam was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old Lam was bipolar, and had an episode while in the hotel. She was last seen in one of the hotel elevators acting erratically. 


Her body was found three weeks later in one of the hotel’s 2×8 foot water tanks located on the roof. Hotel staff only found her when people started complaining about low water pressure. Meaning that they had been drinking, and showering with that water for almost a month. Yuck.


2.) George R. Sanders.


1931 was a trying time for a lot of people. Stock market crash, the great depression, you know, that kind of stuff. It got so bad for one man, George R. Sanders, that he decided he would kill himself. He checked into the Dixie Hotel in Manhattan with a room on the 14th floor. 


After leaving a very organized note for the police, he leaped from the window. Instead of landing on the street, he fell through the roof of a nearby restaurant. landing in front of two horrified diners. 


3.) The Winecoff Hotel.


The Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta had been proclaimed as “absolutely fireproof” by its designers. (Oh how wrong they were.) In 1946 a fire broke out, killing 119 people. The building had no fire alarms, no fire escapes, and no sprinklers. Making matters worse, fire fighters could only reach half way up the 16 floor hotel. That means those staying on the upper floors had to jump.


4.) Renato Seabra.


Portuguese TV presenter and journalist, Carlos Castro had planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City’s Time Square with his boyfriend, Renato Seabra. However the two got into a fight in the hotel room before they headed out. Castro was trying to end it with Seabra when Seabra attacked him.


Seabra smashed Castro’s head with a laptop. He then proceeded to castrate Castro with a broken wine glass and a blunt corkscrew. Suffice it to say that Seabra’s insanity plea did not do him any good in court. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.


5.) Frederick Berry Jr. 

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Frederick Berry Jr. arrived in New York City from Wayne, Nebraska looking to seek his fortune. He was staying at the Dixie Hotel in Manhattan when he received a mysterious letter from his father. The letter said that Berry’s mother had a vision that something terrible was going to happen to him.


About a day later hotel staff found Berry badly burned in his room. He was sitting upright in a smoldering chair. They rushed him to the hospital, but he died shortly thereafter. 


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