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Adorable Sock Bunny Craft Tutorial

by Palwasha Malik on January 16, 2014 in Tutorials
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Adorable Sock Bunny Craft Tutorial

The Needed Supplies:
-Lively Sock
-Buttons( as eyes)
-Stuffing material
-Sewing Needle


Step 1: Take the sock and turn it to the wrong side.
Step 2: Iron the sock flat.
Step 3:  Mark the sock in form of a bunny
Step 4: With scissors, cut out the marked pattern.
Step 5. When you cut out the face, ears and  arms of a bunny turn the sock on the right side.
Step 6:  Stuff the parts.
Step 7. On the Face part draw a mouth of the bunny with erasable markers.
Step 8.  Sew the floss to the marked part.
Step 9. Sew the buttons on the face.
Step 10. Sew all the parts together.
Step 11. Add the decorative ribbon on the ears of the bunny.


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