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Everyone Eats Breakfast, But It Looks Different Around The World.

by Haider Rehman on August 19, 2014 in Lifestyle, Health and News Articles
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Everyone Eats Breakfast, But It Looks Different Around The World.

Ahh breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day, and they’re right. Have you ever tried getting through the day without breakfast? It’s no fun. 

In America we love our breakfasts big and doughy (just think pancakes). Around the world though, different country’s breakfasts reflect their unique cuisine. Just take a look at these 31 breakfasts from around the world. Warning. If you haven’t had breakfast today, this post will make you hungry. So very hungry. 



1.) Cuba.

Looks so good. You’re supposed to dip the bread into the sweetened coffee.

2.) India

I’m so hungry just looking at this.

3.) Australia.

One word for this meal. Vegemite. Aussies love it.


4.) Portugal.

Stuffed croissants and coffee.

5.) Brazil.

Fresh meats, cheeses, and bread to start your day off right.

6.) The Philippines.

Wow. I need some of this.

7.) Italy.

That looks so sweet.


8.) Iran.


9.) Turkey.

Cheese, butter, eggs, spicy meat, and olives make up a traditional Turkish breakfast.

10.) Colombia.

Yummy soft boiled egg.

11.) Germany.

Sausage, cheese, and bread. The best way to start your day. Not to mention the amazing coffee.

12.) Mexico

Start your day off with something spicy.

13.) Poland.

Yes. I’ll take two please.

14.) Argentina.

Matte tea with “facturas,” a croissant variation.

15.) Thailand.

Meat with porridge. Not sure I’d be too keen on this one.

16.) Bolivia

An empanada like dish called “Saltenas.”

17.) England.

A full English breakfast consists of: bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, bread, black pudding and baked beans. And of course a cup of tea.

18.) Egypt.

This dish is called Foul Madamas. It’s made up of fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, and lemon. Plus some hard boiled eggs, tahini sauce, and veggies.

19.) France.

A wonderful selection of croissants and coffee.

20.) Sweden.

Something sweet to start your day.

21.) Japan.

Tofu for breakfast. With soy sauce of course.

22.) China.

Noodles, chicken, and fried vegetables. Very similar to what you’ll find for lunch and dinner.

23.) Morocco.

Delicious crumpet-like breads with different jams, cheese, and butter.

24.) Mongolia.

How does boiled mutton sound for breakfast?

25.) Pakistan.

Here is an unleavened bread called Aloo Paratha. Sometimes it’s stuffed with vegetables, and goes great with butter or some spicy sauce.

26.) Canada.

Perogies with toast and sausages. Yes please.

27.) Estonia.

Cheese on toast. Simple, but delicious.

28.) Venezuela.

Empenadas. It’s what’s for breakfast.

29.) Ghana.

This is waakye. It’s essentially just rice cooked in beans. Looks pretty good though.

30.) Scottland.

Similar to a full English breakfast, and probably just as delicious.

31.) BONUS! America.

A good ole’ American pancake breakfast. Plus bacon.


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Source: http://www.viralnova.com/breakfast-around-the-world/



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